Sticky Notes Taskbar Hider
v1.91 / (v2.0 beta)
v1.91 / (v2.0 beta)
Sticky Notes Taskbar Hider allows you to recover that lost taskbar space used by the awesome Windows 7 Sticky Notes feature.

With complete functionality like launching on system startup, hotkeys, along with the super easy usability Sticky Notes Taskbar Hider can make your use of Sticky Notes a hell of a lot easier.

Sticky Notes Taskbar Hider allows you to easily from hotkeys, or via the system tray icon, show or hide the Sticky Notes item from the taskbar. Other hotkeys allow you to launch Sticky Notes and also bring Sticky Notes to focus.

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How much does it cost?

Sticky Notes Taskbar Hider is free for download and use and does not cost a single cent. Although, a donation is greatly appreciated and will help continute future development.

My Sticky Notes arent hiding!

If the Sticky Notes taskbar button is not hiding or isn't re-appearing in the taskbar, then you may need to click the button from the menu 'Bring Notes to Focus'. If this still does not work, then you may need to restart Sticky Notes Taskbar Hider by clicking 'Close SNTH'.

I can't find the tray icon for SNTH!

The tray icon for Sticky Notes Taskbar Hider is the squares in front of eachother . If this is not in the main tray area then you may need to click the arrow to show hidden icons.
If you still cannot find the icon then SNTH may not be running.

SNTH is crashing!

If this is happening then send us an email with the error and we will do what we can to fix this error. Providing an MSN, WLM or Yahoo messaging email address may help us talk easier in realtime to guide you through the error.


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