Mooplestory Injextor v2.7

Perfect Maplestory DLL Injector & Launcher


Since manually loading an application, browsing to the DLL, starting Maple Story, injecting the DLL, closing the app gets a bit tiresome each time you start Maplestory, I decided that I'd put some of my coding use into creating an easy to use and fast way of injecting DLL's into Maplestory.

After a short time I was finished! So I hereby present to you 'Mooplestory Injextor'. A Maplestory DLL Injector that's easy to use, and fast way of injecting DLL's into maplestory.

What this does is make it simple each time you start Maplestory by keeping only a few simple settings without having to start Maplestory manually. This is one click start. Click one button and it starts MS and injects the DLL's without the need to go through a list of processes. It also remembers paths and previous injected DLL's so you dont need to add files again.

Draken Script Maplestory DLL Injector is easy to use and is noob friendly. It's also compatible with all versions of windows including Vista and Windows 7.

Main Features:

  • One press start to start MapleStory & Inject multiple DLL files.
  • Easy to use & Stylish interface
  • One time configuration
  • Undetected by HackShield & GameGuard (CrippleHS still needed)
  • Noob Friendly
  • Inject Multiple DLL's
  • Drag & Drop Multiple DLL's
  • Checks online for latest version
  • Gets Maplestory.exe path automatically from Registry

How to use:

  • After dowload, extract files to a folder
  • Run the main executable (Default is "Mooplestory Injextor.exe")
  • Maplestory.exe location is taken from Windows Registry. (Locate maplestory.exe using dialog if incorrect)
  • Browse for all DLL files wanted to inject (Or "drag 'n' drop" the files into the list
  • Press the initialization button and Maplestory will be started and the DLL files will be injected into the maplestory.exe process


This program is for education uses only.
Please do not use this to hack games as hacking games is frowned upon by game makers.


As this application is a hack tool, some ant-virus may give a false positive and detect this application as a virus. This is due to methods used to inject. Scan Report


Spread this Maplestory Injector on any site that you want to as long as the download link comes to this page.

Click to Download Draken Scripts Maplestory Injector works in
Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7.

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