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Doodle Jump PC

Sing Pong

Discover a new party game by Australian developer Draken Development: Sing Pong!
Use your voice to control the pong paddle. Laugh as your friends and family make the stupidest sounds just to get that annoying paddle to the right place!
Connect two phones to verse eachother and make it super competitive.

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Safari Dash Icon

Safari Dash

Play as Dr Stillrock in this epic adventure of Safari Dash and find out for yourself just why you'll simply get addicted! It offers a dynamic and continually changing gameplay with increasing difficulty for those that become addicts!

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Doodle Jump PC

Doodle Jump PC

Draken Development has sucessfully created a perfect port of the popular iPhone game, Doodle Jump! This game was created in mind to perfectly replicate the original iPhone version, but for those that wish to play on their PC.

Doodle Jump PC

Sticky Notes Taskbar Hider

Sticky Notes Taskbar Hider

Sticky Notes Taskbar Hider allows you to recover that lost taskbar space used by the awesome Windows 7 Sticky Notes feature. With complete functionality like launching on system startup, hotkeys, along with the super easy usability.

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Maplestory DLL Injector Logo

Mooplestory Injextor V2.7 (Maplestory DLL Injector)

What this does is make it simple each time you start Maplestory by keeping only a few simple settings without having to start Maplestory manually. This is one click start. Click one button and it starts MS and injects the DLL's without the need to go through a list of processes. It also remembers paths and previous injected DLL's so you dont need to add files again.

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